Gamers, Games & Gaming

We’re joined by two experiences tabletop gamers, Will & Chris, to learn about gaming culture and explore where & how the church might learn and connect. Will (@oddrev1) blogs at & Chris (@ChrisABooth) produces art here.

If you have no idea about role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, here are a few introductory videos:

  • Watch Community, S02E14 “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” on Stan
  • Watch The Big Bang Theory, S12E16, “The D&D Vortex” on Netflix (soon)
  • Watch HarmonQuest, S01E01, here (and yes, technically they’re playing Pathfinder, but we’re not focussed on details)

Intergen can Inspire

We’re back for 2020 and kicking off Season 5 (what?!?) with Bradon’s keynote at ACYM in Perth, exploring ‘Intergenerational can be Inspirational.’

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2019 Christmas Episode

We finish 2019 with a bang! Bradon highlights some of the best Christmas presents youth pastors have received over the past 25 years, and our new voicemail system reveals some delightful Christmas messages from former guests.

We also bid farewell to our technical assistant Alan, who’s general inability to fill his role has become a burden to the WXPC team. We have an exclusive interview with Alan.


Our host has been in the studio during the season break, putting together 10-minute monologues. If you didn’t catch them in your podcast app or via our Facebook page, we’ve included them all here for your listening pleasure. Just click ‘Play’

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Season Four Farewell

Our season finale features a banquet of content – an impassioned plea for the brilliance of Joan of Arcadia, a moment of raw beauty from a school assembly, a cheeky request for sponsorship, and the famed ‘River Camp Armageddon’ story.

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Responding to the Climate Crisis – a #SS4C special

Friday September 20 is the Global #ClimateStrike. We speak with two people who are working hard to ensure the strike has an impact: Luca, a yr12 student who is coordinating the Albury Strike event, and Aletia, who works with Uniting World.

For more information about your local strike event, head to

For information about the ARRCC multi-faith event in Melbourne, check out the Facebook event.

To order an ARRCC shirt, head to

To register your congregation’s involvement, and other resources from Uniting World, head to

For your permission note to attend the Climate Strike, signed by UCA President Dr Deidre Palmer, click here

Cracking Coconuts p.2

Due to popular demand, we got the band back together for Cracking Coconuts, part 2. We chat about the challenges & opportunities for 2nd Gen within the church, and hear some raw honesty about the hopes & hurdles experienced.