The #HomeStretch with Phoebe Parkin

Phoebe is currently serving as the Youth President in the Methodist Church in the UK. We have a chat about what that means, why she wanted to serve, and what her vision is. You can find out more via this link.

We hope this might spark conversations about how we all understand leadership and the significance of elevating young people into roles within the church.

The #HomeStretch with Elliot Nicholas

This week’s guest is Elliot Nicholas. Elliot identifies as a young trans male, and graciously shares his journey with us. We hear the significance of language, of the importance of raising awareness and of a commitment to unconditional love for the LGBTQIA+ community.

For information and resources for supporting young people in the LGBTQIA+ community, we recommend you check our Minus 18 & & the LGBTI+ Hub at the RUOK website.

And here’s a perfectly normal photo of Elliot & I recording the podcast.

The #HomeStretch with Joel McKerrow

We return for our new season with Australian poet & writer Joel McKerrow! Our #HomeStretch season is a collection of friends and gurus, exploring the depths of life and considering how that might shape our ministries with young people.

Joel is an acclaimed spoken word artist, a writer and a mainstay for the Aussie Christian Conference scene. He drops by the studio to discuss his work (written & performed) and how it draws us into profound reflection and contemplation.

We highly recommend checking out Joel’s book Woven and his anthology of spoken word poetry Decade. Both are accessible via

For a taste of Joel’s poetry, check out Welcome Home or For Tomorrow. And as we mention in this week’s episode, here’s the moment Bradon realised he isn’t that good at reading children’s book, as Joel read Sky Colour.

Intergene-RELA-tional Ministry with Terry Williams

We wrap up S06 with a conversation with Terry Williams. Terry trained and worked as a teacher in primary and secondary schools before joining the staff team of Scripture Union Queensland where he has worked for 29 years. In 2008 Terry divided his time to join the SU International staff team in a part time capacity where part of his role is to serve on a small global training team helping to multiply trainers across the world. 

For more information about Here2Stay, check out the website, and check out Terry explaining a little more in the video below our episode player. You should also check out Claire Madden’s Hello Gen Z.

Every. Person. Matters… with Brett Ryan

We’re nearing the end of Season 6 – our deep dive into Intergenerational Ministry, and discovering how it could shape and inform ministry with young people. Be sure to let us know how you’ve found the series so far – email

This week’s guest is Brett Ryan. Brett is the CEO of Focus on the Family Australia. Prior to this role he was a Critical Care nurse for 15 years with majors in Accident and Emergency and Intensive Care. Brett was then offered the position as Children’s Pastor at CityLife Church in 2001 and remained in that role for 12 years. Brett commenced his role at Focus in July 2013. 

You can connect with Focus on the Family Australia via their website.

There’s a link to George Barna’s Revolutionary Parenting below our stream player – scroll down. You can also check out the terrific work by Search Institute at Keep Connected. Finally, make sure you’re across ‘Growing With’ by Fuller Youth Institute – the book & the podcast are fantastic.

The prophetic edge

Episode 8 features our conversation with Beth Barnett, as we explore the prophetic role young people play within an intergenerational community.

Beth is a child theology author and children’s and families ministry resource writer. She is currently working on a doctoral thesis in New Testament studies, examining Paul’s use of childhood terms in relation to the constructs of spiritual maturity. You should definitely check out her blog Multivocality.

Check out more info about The Nuture and Spiritual Guidance of Children (PDF)

Intergenerational Preaching with Dave Csinos

We’re joined by Professor Dave Csinos to explore the opportunities regarding intergenerational preaching. Dave is the Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He also serves as founder and president of Faith Forward, an ecumenical organisation for innovation in ministry with children and youth.

This episode is produced in partnership with the Faith Forward podcast – we highly recommend you check out some of their amazing episodes. Also, be sure to check out Dave’s own website with information about his published works.

Finally, if you get the chance, Dave is presenting a special webinar on August 25 via the Intergenerate website – register for this free event.