Intergenerational Ministry with John Roberto

We kick off SEASON 6 (what?!?) with our guest John Roberto. Each week we’ll chat to a scholar, practitioner or theologian regarding how Intergenerational discipleship and faith formation and shape ministries with young people. Special thanks for the team at Intergenerate Australia for their support.

John Roberto is on the leadership team of Vibrant Faith Ministries where he coordinates Vibrant Faith Catalyst – an online community and resource centre for pastors and faith formation leaders. John works as a consultant to churches and national organisations, teaches courses and conducts workshops in faith formation, and has authored books and program manuals in faith formation.┬áJohn has a masters degree in religious education from Fordham University and graduate studies in sociology at Catholic University of America. John has been involved in Christian ministry and faith formation since 1969.

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  1. John Roberto talks about life long faith formation should happen all ages together. He quotes some research that says if youth have 4-5 adults in their congregation (outside family) that know their name and know who they are, this is a precursor to young people growing up to have an alive vibrant faith because they are connected to their faith community and their community cares about them.

    Young people look for people outside their family who listen to them and can guide them. Grandparent age groups need this type of relationship too. (Our society is so segregated by age) Where else than in the church are people going to form these cross- generation relationships?

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