Every. Person. Matters… with Brett Ryan

We’re nearing the end of Season 6 – our deep dive into Intergenerational Ministry, and discovering how it could shape and inform ministry with young people. Be sure to let us know how you’ve found the series so far – email workexperiencepodcast@gmail.com

This week’s guest is Brett Ryan. Brett is the CEO of Focus on the Family Australia. Prior to this role he was a Critical Care nurse for 15 years with majors in Accident and Emergency and Intensive Care. Brett was then offered the position as Children’s Pastor at CityLife Church in 2001 and remained in that role for 12 years. Brett commenced his role at Focus in July 2013. 

You can connect with Focus on the Family Australia via their website.

There’s a link to George Barna’s Revolutionary Parenting below our stream player – scroll down. You can also check out the terrific work by Search Institute at Keep Connected. Finally, make sure you’re across ‘Growing With’ by Fuller Youth Institute – the book & the podcast are fantastic.

The prophetic edge

Episode 8 features our conversation with Beth Barnett, as we explore the prophetic role young people play within an intergenerational community.

Beth is a child theology author and children’s and families ministry resource writer. She is currently working on a doctoral thesis in New Testament studies, examining Paul’s use of childhood terms in relation to the constructs of spiritual maturity. You should definitely check out her blog Multivocality.

Check out more info about The Nuture and Spiritual Guidance of Children (PDF)

Intergenerational Preaching with Dave Csinos

We’re joined by Professor Dave Csinos to explore the opportunities regarding intergenerational preaching. Dave is the Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He also serves as founder and president of Faith Forward, an ecumenical organisation for innovation in ministry with children and youth.

This episode is produced in partnership with the Faith Forward podcast – we highly recommend you check out some of their amazing episodes. Also, be sure to check out Dave’s own website with information about his published works.

Finally, if you get the chance, Dave is presenting a special webinar on August 25 via the Intergenerate website – register for this free event.

Toxic Youth Ministry & White Saviours – the story of Renee Bach

We have a mid-season BONUS episode. Stepping away from our Intergenerational Ministry conversation, we explore the tragically true story of Renee Bach. I read the story to our friend Molk, and we consider what it might say to our churches and youth ministries.

Below are some helpful links & resources to help you explore this story further.

A Missionary on Trial – The New Yorker Magazine

NPR Special Report on Renee Bach

Article about The Missionary Podcast – you can find the podcast where you stream Work Experience.

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This is Renee’s only television appearance:

Finally, if you’re a visual person, you can watch Bradon read the story of Renee Bach to Molk – we recorded the first half of the podcast:

Passionate about Discipleship with Caesar Kalinowski

Episode 5 of our Intergenerational Ministry season allows us to chat with Caesar Kalinowski as we consider the roles of family, the pursuit of identity, and some fundamental truths that might offer direction for ministries with young people.

Caesar is a spiritual entrepreneur and an avid storyteller. He loves to help those with a high commitment to intentional living in the areas of their family, faith and discipleship acquire the leadership skills and tools necessary to succeed and leave a lasting legacy. He is a master missional strategist and coach who has helped numerous church planters start, grow and multiply new churches. Caesar authored the best selling The Gospel Primer and Transformed: A New Way of Being Christian. His latest book, Bigger Gospel, was recently published by Missio Publishing. He and his wife of 36 years, Tina, live near Seattle.

Caesar also hosts the Everyday Disciple podcast, which is a fantastic resource. As a bonus, listeners can get a free copy of Caesar’s Be The Church, featuring 10 illustrations and 10 conversations about church mission.

And as promised, here are the links for UNDER MIDNIGHT’S hit single Cyber Vision and GENERATION’S album Brutal Reality.

Past, Present & Future, with Christina Embree

We’re delighted to have Christina Embree join us for E04 in our Intergenerational Ministry series. Make sure you check out Christina’s writing at https://refocusministry.org/ & connect on twitter @EmbreeChristina

Christina’s blogs on intergenerational ministry through her website Refocus Ministry are read around the world. Christina is wife to Luke. She is a current doctoral student at Wesley Seminary. She serves as the Minister of Generational Discipleship for the Great Lakes Conference of the Brethren in Christ church (US). Mother to three wonderful kids. Church Planter and Next Gen Coordinator at Plowshares BIC. 

Season 6

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