Crackin Coconuts (Part 1)

After checking in with the emails & the diary, we’re joined by four 2nd Gen Tongan leaders for a great conversation about culture, identity & faith – it’s such a rich conversation we had to cut it in half. We were amazed by the generosity & humility of their answers. Malo … and because podcast games are totally #Lit, we played some #TonganTrivia.

Playing with Fyre

This episode is heaps of fun (59 mins of fun!) Rhanee drops by to play a special Reality TV #LitOrQuit. We also hear about WXPC #UpLate at Surrender Festival coming in March . Our main focus, though, is discussing the #fyreFestival documentary on Netflix – what do we learn about influencers, festivals & much more. Let us know what you think!

Make sure to buy Rhanee’s book here

Check out the Fyre Festival promo video here

Work Experience with Joe Williams

Joe is a proud First Nations man who has played in the NRL & won world boxing championships. His personal story is profound, as is his work in Indigenous communities & schools advocating for brain healthy & wellbeing.

We’re so delighted Joe was able to join us for a great conversation on this week’s episode.

Season 3 is here!

After a long summer break, we’re back with a whole new series exploring the relationship between young people & the church. We’re excited to continue exploring the issues & opportunities in youth ministry, as well as continuing to hear from guests who inform our practices.

Episode 1 features a live cross to NYALC as we chat to Dr Deidre Palmer, President of the Uniting Church Assembly. We’ve also done a little housekeeping. Enjoy!

Work Experience Christmas Special

Our final episode for Season 2 features interviews with Lauren Perry & our host’s boss, Nigel Hanscamp. We also receive a very exciting phone call during production!

Hope you enjoy our Christmas Special. See you all in 2019!

WXPLive – The ADVENTure

On Dec 17, our host was joined by three faculty members at Pilgrim Theological College. The event was streamed via our Facebook page & is now available to view via our YouTube channel

The 80-minute conversation covered Advent, Christmas, Santa & much more, plus a special Christmas Carols edition of #LitOrQuit. Check it out here

Work Experience with Andy Root

We’ve arrived! Having Dr Andrew Root as a guest is the benchmark for legitimate youth ministry podcasts, and we’re delighted that he’s our guest for our penultimate episode for 2018.
Andy is a prolific writer & leader in the field of theology & youth ministry. He also happens to be a mate.
This episode is a wide-ranging conversation, which culminates in considering the unique place of youth ministry today, and the need for nuanced consideration of the why, before tackling the who & the what.
Check out Andy’s work via his website