#RoundTheBlock with Youth Pastor Bode Wright

It’s the end of season 5, and we celebrate this by checking out the new Youth Pastor at the First Church of Springfield. Yes, The Simpsons has discovered the rich repository of humour that is youth ministry, and Bode Wright joins Rev Lovejoy on staff.

After 15 years of not watching The Simpsons, Bradon got access to Foxtel and discovered a lot had happened since he stopped watching. Conveniently (at least for this podcast), two episodes in S31 of The Simpsons explore the caricatured reality of youth ministry in Springfield.

*If you can’t access the episodes yet, you can check out Laughing Place episode summaries of both “Warrin’ Priests” episodes (Part One) (Part Two).

Work Experience Podcast will return for Season 6 later in 2020.

#RoundTheBlock – A Radical Reset?

Every good season of the podcast requires a visit from Molk. Join Bradon & Steve as they walk round the block & discuss the opportunity for a radical shift in church culture and priorities as we re-emerge from lock-down.

We reckon you should check out Steve’s article The Radical Reset

I also think Carey Neiuwhof’s got a few things worth reading about stepping forward, not stepping back.

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#RoundTheBlock with Kaylea & Beth

In this week’s episode we chat with two chaplains in UCA schools. We explore how remote-learning has impacted staff and students, and how chaplaincy has changed during this time.

Unfortunately, we’re yet to find Rev Fearn’s Tai Chi lessons online.

#RoundTheBlock with Susi Suli

We’re responded to this changing world by changing our format. We’ll strive to offer shorted episodes that can accompany you on your walks around your neighbourhood, as we all stay home and stay safe.

This week’s guest is Susi Suli, who commenced her first paid ministry role just as lockdown was announced. We chat about calling, discipleship and her experiences working in an institution like our Uniting Church. You can stream below, or via your favourite podcast app. And if you’re listening in Apple Podcasts, please consider leaving a rating & review.

The episode also suggest you can find resources at www.ucayouth.org.au & we recommend you check it out.

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Our #PhoneAFriend Special

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we live, work and play. At WXPC, the crew are now working from home, honouring social distancing guidelines, and ensuring they stay in contact. This week, we made a few phone calls to listeners who have completed the https://workxpc.com/introducing-phone-a-friend/ form (and a few who haven’t).

Massive thanks to Andy Root, Will Nicholas, Nicole Mugford and Melissa French who answered their phones.

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Every Voice Matters

Buckle up, because our host has a few things on his mind. Bradon tackles the leadership imbalance regarding generations, and names the absence of trust as a challenge to our church movement.

For tickets to Surrender, check out their website. You can check out this week’s library book, The Myth of Balance, on Amazon.