Instagram No Likey

Our Instagram correspondent breaks down the big news regarding changes to Instagram. We also reflect on #TheGoodSummit, respond to a flurry of messages from our listeners, and Allan brings a friend to work.

Youth Ministry in the Middle of Nowhere/s

Facing a scarcity of resources and an immensity of distance, youth ministry in regional and remote towns in Australia is very different to suburban churches. We’re joined by Liusem, Emily, Liam & Olivia to hear their experiences and the role events and technologies play in alleviating isolation.

2019 Vic/Tas Synod News & Reviews

Following the 4.5 day meeting of the Vic/Tas UCA Synod, our field correspondent Bradon French brings updates on proposals and actions. We’re also joined by ex-Moderator/President-Elect Rev Sharon Hollis for a youth-groups-games #LitOrQuit + much more.

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For more information about the 2019 Vic/Tas Synod meeting, head to

Behind the Curve – Our #HotTake on a #FlatEarth

Prompted by watching Behind the Curve, our host invites a few guests to share their thoughts and reactions to the documentary. This is a special episode, where we step outside our usual routine, and we consider how this particular sub-culture might inform us about shifts in broader society.

Significantly, we are also joined by Anthony, the coordinator of the Flat Earth Melbourne Facebook page, to offer the counter opinion.

We hope you find this special episode entertaining and insightful.

Gospel, Truth(s) & Faith Formation

Our host considers some of the ongoing conversations around young people, churches & wider society. What is good news for today’s young people? How will they hear it? How might they consider it as truth in an era of #fakenews?

We check the calendar, say hello to Allan’s dad, and we tackle anti-vaxxers & climate deniers. It’s a jam-packed 20 minutes.

Our library book this week is Andrew Root’s Faith Formation in a Secular Age, the first in a new trilogy. Grab it from Amazon

Food & Field Trips

This week’s episode is a bit of fun, as we hear reports from our field correspondents who have been busy. We hear from Charlotte & James at State Youth Games, Will & Robin at Hawthorn Chicken & Jokbal restaurant, and our humble host offers his thoughts on 2 library books.

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