Our #PhoneAFriend Special

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we live, work and play. At WXPC, the crew are now working from home, honouring social distancing guidelines, and ensuring they stay in contact. This week, we made a few phone calls to listeners who have completed the https://workxpc.com/introducing-phone-a-friend/ form (and a few who haven’t).

Massive thanks to Andy Root, Will Nicholas, Nicole Mugford and Melissa French who answered their phones.

Check out Andy Root’s latest book, ‘The End of Youth Ministry?’ today – grab it in various formats from www.amazon.com.au

Every Voice Matters

Buckle up, because our host has a few things on his mind. Bradon tackles the leadership imbalance regarding generations, and names the absence of trust as a challenge to our church movement.

For tickets to Surrender, check out their website. You can check out this week’s library book, The Myth of Balance, on Amazon.

Seeking signs of life in soil

We turn our attention to soil today. More specifically, what are the foundational elements of churches and church systems which allow for the flourishing of young people? Rev Robin Yang jumps into the studio for a fantastic and confronting conversation.

To get in touch, simply email workexperiencepodcast<at>gmail.com or find Robin’s contact details here (scroll down to Priorities, Focus & Advocacy)

You might like to read Andrew Forrest’s article Every dying church in America has a community garden.

Why is God on my TV?

Have you been scrolling through Netflix & noticed God and the church seem to be playing a starring role? We’re joined by the Podfather Molk who shares some of his industry knowledge, as we wonder if the boom in TV shows about faith & God might be an opportunity for the church, or whether the church might need to be wary of it’s new-found infamy.

Introducing ‘Phone A Friend’

Thanks to our new studio, we’ve got a brand new segment, where from time to time, we’ll randomly call a member of our listening audience. If you want us to call you, complete the super simple form below

Important info -your details are secure, we won’t sell them, and we’ll only use them as part of the Phone A Friend segment.

Gamers, Games & Gaming

We’re joined by two experiences tabletop gamers, Will & Chris, to learn about gaming culture and explore where & how the church might learn and connect. Will (@oddrev1) blogs at www.oddrev.com & Chris (@ChrisABooth) produces art here.

If you have no idea about role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, here are a few introductory videos:

  • Watch Community, S02E14 “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” on Stan
  • Watch The Big Bang Theory, S12E16, “The D&D Vortex” on Netflix (soon)
  • Watch HarmonQuest, S01E01, here (and yes, technically they’re playing Pathfinder, but we’re not focussed on details)