We handed the reins of this week’s episode to our Work Experience student Charlotte. She researched, wrote, recorded & produced the entire episode, and it’s fantastic.

Charlotte reflects on the recent #schoolstrike4climate, and chats to Denisse Sandoval from the Justice Cluster. Charlotte also reviews Pastrix by Nadia Bolz-Weber.

Feedback is very welcome. Hope you enjoy this week’s work experience.


WXPLive – the ADVENTure

Our next WXPLive event will be held on Monday 17 December, 8pm AEDT. The event is streamed live at our Facebook channel.

WXPLive is a live-streamed conversation, hosted by Bradon, with 3 guests discussing questions & playing podcast games. As a live event, the audience can engage & ask questions via the comments section.

To explore Advent & Christmas, we’re excited to have 3 lecturers from Pilgrim Theological College – Rev Dr Robyn Whittaker, Rev Assoc Prof Sean Winter & Rev Assoc Prof John Flett. There’s sure to be a good amount of gold, frankincense & mirth.

#ContentWarning – you might just learn something

Learning from Gen Z experts

This episode is great fun. We chat with a few teenagers in an attempt to learn something of their values, experiences & passions. If we are to minister alongside young people, we first need to listen & travel alongside them.

We also return to the library (#spoilers – this week’s book is amazing) & we play #LitOrQuit with some young friends.

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Work Experience with Rev Sarah Heath

In late 2017, our host travelled to the US. Sarah Heath & the community in Costa Mesa was the first stop, and had a profound impact. Sarah joins the podcast this week for an extended conversation about church restart projects, #bravespaces, politics, podcasting and vocation. It was an absolute pleasure to listen to Sarah’s experience and wisdom.

Sarah is also the host & writer of the Sonderlust podcast (listen via iTunes) – definitely worth checking out.

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode:

Digital Ministry 2.0

This episode welcomes our first co-host, SeƱor Molk. We chat pump-up songs & play a new game, By Now?

Our guest is #pastorcaster Liam Miller, and we chat about the opportunities & realities of ministry blending digital & IRL spaces. Liam & Molk bring plenty of experience & passion to a great conversation.

Have a listen – let us know your thoughts.


The secret to youth ministry

With no guests, our host is forced to reflect on his craft, and explore ways of improving the podcast for our audience. We also hear some exciting news, and read through Sticky Faith.

Note: the secret to youth ministry isn’t as hard as you might imagine.
Keep an ear out for the announcement of our three new spin-off podcasts!