Work Experience with Andy Root

We’ve arrived! Having Dr Andrew Root as a guest is the benchmark for legitimate youth ministry podcasts, and we’re delighted that he’s our guest for our penultimate episode for 2018.
Andy is a prolific writer & leader in the field of theology & youth ministry. He also happens to be a mate.
This episode is a wide-ranging conversation, which culminates in considering the unique place of youth ministry today, and the need for nuanced consideration of the why, before tackling the who & the what.
Check out Andy’s work via his website



We handed the reins of this week’s episode to our Work Experience student Charlotte. She researched, wrote, recorded & produced the entire episode, and it’s fantastic.

Charlotte reflects on the recent #schoolstrike4climate, and chats to Denisse Sandoval from the Justice Cluster. Charlotte also reviews Pastrix by Nadia Bolz-Weber.

Feedback is very welcome. Hope you enjoy this week’s work experience.


WXPLive – the ADVENTure

Our next WXPLive event will be held on Monday 17 December, 8pm AEDT. The event is streamed live at our Facebook channel.

WXPLive is a live-streamed conversation, hosted by Bradon, with 3 guests discussing questions & playing podcast games. As a live event, the audience can engage & ask questions via the comments section.

To explore Advent & Christmas, we’re excited to have 3 lecturers from Pilgrim Theological College – Rev Dr Robyn Whittaker, Rev Assoc Prof Sean Winter & Rev Assoc Prof John Flett. There’s sure to be a good amount of gold, frankincense & mirth.

#ContentWarning – you might just learn something

Learning from Gen Z experts

This episode is great fun. We chat with a few teenagers in an attempt to learn something of their values, experiences & passions. If we are to minister alongside young people, we first need to listen & travel alongside them.

We also return to the library (#spoilers – this week’s book is amazing) & we play #LitOrQuit with some young friends.

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Work Experience with Rev Sarah Heath

In late 2017, our host travelled to the US. Sarah Heath & the community in Costa Mesa was the first stop, and had a profound impact. Sarah joins the podcast this week for an extended conversation about church restart projects, #bravespaces, politics, podcasting and vocation. It was an absolute pleasure to listen to Sarah’s experience and wisdom.

Sarah is also the host & writer of the Sonderlust podcast (listen via iTunes) – definitely worth checking out.

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode:

Digital Ministry 2.0

This episode welcomes our first co-host, SeƱor Molk. We chat pump-up songs & play a new game, By Now?

Our guest is #pastorcaster Liam Miller, and we chat about the opportunities & realities of ministry blending digital & IRL spaces. Liam & Molk bring plenty of experience & passion to a great conversation.

Have a listen – let us know your thoughts.