Toxic Youth Ministry & White Saviours – the story of Renee Bach

We have a mid-season BONUS episode. Stepping away from our Intergenerational Ministry conversation, we explore the tragically true story of Renee Bach. I read the story to our friend Molk, and we consider what it might say to our churches and youth ministries.

Below are some helpful links & resources to help you explore this story further.

A Missionary on Trial – The New Yorker Magazine

NPR Special Report on Renee Bach

Article about The Missionary Podcast – you can find the podcast where you stream Work Experience.

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This is Renee’s only television appearance:

Finally, if you’re a visual person, you can watch Bradon read the story of Renee Bach to Molk – we recorded the first half of the podcast:

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  1. Thanks Bradon for this episode! Really appreciated both you and Molk’s sharing on this story and issue.

    Loving the podcast series my friend! Go well, Malo & Blessings!

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