#RoundTheBlock with Susi Suli

We’re responded to this changing world by changing our format. We’ll strive to offer shorted episodes that can accompany you on your walks around your neighbourhood, as we all stay home and stay safe.

This week’s guest is Susi Suli, who commenced her first paid ministry role just as lockdown was announced. We chat about calling, discipleship and her experiences working in an institution like our Uniting Church. You can stream below, or via your favourite podcast app. And if you’re listening in Apple Podcasts, please consider leaving a rating & review.

The episode also suggest you can find resources at www.ucayouth.org.au & we recommend you check it out.

For more information about the ‘The End of Youth Ministry’ book club exploring Andy Root’s latest work, head to http://victas.uca.org.au/bookclub & register soon!

And finally, make sure you tube in to #CALMDOWN, Thrusdays at 8pm AEST, streaming live at facebook.com/UCAPulse

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