#RoundTheBlock with Youth Pastor Bode Wright

It’s the end of season 5, and we celebrate this by checking out the new Youth Pastor at the First Church of Springfield. Yes, The Simpsons has discovered the rich repository of humour that is youth ministry, and Bode Wright joins Rev Lovejoy on staff.

After 15 years of not watching The Simpsons, Bradon got access to Foxtel and discovered a lot had happened since he stopped watching. Conveniently (at least for this podcast), two episodes in S31 of The Simpsons explore the caricatured reality of youth ministry in Springfield.

*If you can’t access the episodes yet, you can check out Laughing Place episode summaries of both “Warrin’ Priests” episodes (Part One) (Part Two).

Work Experience Podcast will return for Season 6 later in 2020.

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