Work Experience with Rev Dr D’Arcy Wood

Our season finale is packed with great stories, some news & opinions, and some essential recipes for canned tuna.

Our special guest, D’Arcy Wood, takes us on a trip down memory lane, including how we came to crown the King of Tonga, and we get a peak at his amazing UCA Presidential Sweater.

One Reply to “Work Experience with Rev Dr D’Arcy Wood”

  1. Dear Darcy
    It was very good to chat to you at a Wesley do a few years ago. I hoped to attend again this year, but was prevented by grandfatherly duties.
    I am writing another article for The Lion in which I would like to include the articles on Wilfrid Fredrick and my mother Joyce McCarthy in your father’s book “Not lost but gone before”: memories of 100 Christian men and women (Meerut Publications, Mitcham, 1987). My impression is that the publisher no longer exists. If you can give me the necessary permission to reproduce the articles, I would be most grateful.
    Kind regards
    Michael McCarthy.

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